Lil Wayne Honors Kobe Bryant

Rythm and Blues As a diehard Los Angeles Lakers fan, the loss of Kobe Bryant has left a hole in Lil Wayne’s heart. It looks like Weezy honored the late five-time NBA champion in multiple ways on his Funeral album, which dropped Friday (Jan. 31). The death of the Lakers legend devastating sad reality for […]

SixTONES’ ‘Imitation Rain’

SKY HI and STAMP Collaboration Check it out SixTONES ‘Imitation Rain’   The latest Billboard Japan Hot 100, Jan. 20 to 26,  SixTONES‘ “Imitation Rain” climbed and reached at No. 1 and Snow Man‘s “D.D.” following at No. 2. The two singles had been competing in Twitter mentions, radio airplay and video views. SixTONES proclaimed […]

SKY HI and STAMP Collaboration

SixTONES’ ‘Imitation Rain’ Check it out SKY HI and STAMP Collaboration “Don’t Worry Baby Be Happy” is a stylish mid-tempo number contrasting SKY-HI’s emphatic rapping skills with Stamp’s mellow yet robust voice. Watch below: A Japanese pop rapper-singer featuring  Thai hit maker Stamp in his video, “Don’t Worry Baby Be Happy.” The song presented in […]