Launching Visit Ambon 2020

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Ambon launched “Visit Ambon 2020” program in Amahusu, on Saturday 1st of February 2020. The city government enthusiastically expecting six to seven thousand visitors from Europe, predominantly from the Netherlands, in the month of October to November this year. Special performance by the Ukulele Kids Foundation says it all.

Main concern of many observers is the current condition of its international airport Pattimura; experiencing slow and poor renovation progress; will it be done by the time international visitors start to arrive.

Ambon also in need of a long overdue plastic waste management program. Plastic waste is one of Ambon’s major environmental problems and seems that the government is still up until today unable to find the badly needed solution.

Voorale Media 2020

Photographed courtesy of Vonny Khouw – Litamahuputty

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