SixTONES’ ‘Imitation Rain’

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SixTONES 'Imitation Rain'


The latest Billboard Japan Hot 100, Jan. 20 to 26,  SixTONES‘ “Imitation Rain” climbed and reached at No. 1 and Snow Man‘s “D.D.” following at No. 2.

The two singles had been competing in Twitter mentions, radio airplay and video views. SixTONES proclaimed sold 776,836 copies and Snow Man 752,236, with only about 25,000 copies difference between the two.

“Imitation Rain” arranged by X JAPAN‘s Yoshiki — led physical sales, also coming in at No. 9 for radio and No. 13 for video. “D.D.”  took No. 2 for Twitter and look-ups, No. 3 for radio, and No. 15 for video.

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Article adopted from Billboard Japan

Photographed: Johnny The Shonnen World


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